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Jun 30, 2016

OMG! I’m so psyched because I’ve waited for months to feature today’s guest. She’s a Legend in recruiting, culture, and all things people. Libby Sartain is the real thing, one of the best I’ve ever encountered. She was the original VP People at Southwest Airlines, where she planted the seeds & built out an infamous culture (it’s a business legend). If that wasn’t enough, she then went on to scale Yahoo in its prime as Chief People Officer, hiring thousands of people. Along the way, she’s been the boards of directors of Peet’s Coffee and ManpowerGroup. She’s author of the best-selling book HR From The Heart. In this 20-minute interview, Libby reveals step-by-step what you need to do to create a world-class culture & employer brand, that will act as a magnet for Rockstars. You can’t afford to miss this interview.

Jun 28, 2016

John Sumser is a legend in the recruiting & talent field. Currently, he's CEO of HRExaminer. For over two decades, he has studied, dissected, and analyzed the industry. In this wide-ranging interview, John reveals: what is & isn't working in today's hiring game / new recruiting technologies you must master / the impact of millennials on your organization / the biggest recruiting mistakes you must avoid.

Jun 23, 2016

Doug Galen is a Silicon Valley Rockstar with a pattern of a success. He’s added hundreds of millions of revenue at eBay, eLoan, Shutterfly, and Shopkick. He's built new divisions & partnerships to grow the business by 10x. And he does it primarily by investing his time with people - recruiting, leadership, and building culture. Now, he’s CEO of RippleWorks, a fascinating new business that is “Doctor Without Borders for Techies.” They allow tech experts to apply their talents around the world on mission-driven challenges. He also teaches 2nd-year MBA students at Stanford Business School. In this 20-minute interview, Doug reveals: The biggest interviewing mistakes to avoid / How to define your company’s culture in 30 minutes / How to identify Rockstar candidates / And a lot more.

Jun 21, 2016

Today, I interview Raj Sheth. Raj is CEO & Co-Founder of, a profitable company that he started in 2011. Based in San Francisco, it's one of the top recruiting software companies. They’ve got 1,600 paying companies - employers like MIT, Choice Hotels, US Department of Energy. They use Raj’s software to manage their hiring pipeline. Raj sees recruiting from many angles, including the mistakes his customers make along the way & the patterns of what works best.

Jun 16, 2016

20 years ago, Geoff Smart created ghSmart, a remarkable firm to advise Venture Capital & Private Equity firms on their hiring choices. Since then, his firm has interviewed & assessed 15,000 executives. (…Oh & along the way, he’s written 2 best-selling books including the legendary “WHO”) In this fascinating interview, Geoff finally reveals: What defines A-Players & how to hire them / The biggest interviewing mistakes that we make / Why hiring A-Players needs to be your #1 priority / Which interview questions are most predictive of success / How to close an A-Player candidate so they say ‘Yes’

Jun 15, 2016

I was privileged to meet Mats Lederhausen, who’s gold-plated resume is surpassed only by his passion for building world-class cultures. For 20 years, he has preached “purpose bigger than product"

He started at BCG before building a key part of the McDonald’s empire. He & his family built the Swedish affiliate of McDonald’s from scratch. He drove innovation in recycling and health and built the division to many units. 

Mats was promoted to head of Global Strategy for McDonald’s and moved to the US.  He overhauled the menu, R&D, and real estate. He then ran McDonald’s Ventures, which spun out Chipotle, Boston Market, and RedBox DVD. He even served as Chairman of Chipotle.

Mats is one of the finest thinkers on culture, recruiting, talent, leadership, and global business. You can’t afford to miss this interview.

Jun 9, 2016

Imagine your job was to recruit the best recruiters… Debra Jerome is Chief Human Resources Officer at Witt/Kieffer, one of the nation’s leading retained executive search firms (offices in 17 cities). In this role, Deb has recruited an all-star team of recruiters. She teaches us a ton about recruiting, the executive search industry, and what to look for in a headhunter. She reveals the characteristics that define the most talented recruiters. We also discuss how to build an effective employee referral program, which is how Deb finds most of her candidates. And she shares the gotchas you must avoid when hiring a Rockstar. Don’t miss this 20-minute interview.

Jun 7, 2016

After a great run at headhunting firm Korn/Ferry, Simon Mullins joined Microsoft where he successfully recruited 500 executives. He now runs ESIX, which teaches best practices to headhunters. He knows the recruiting business inside & out. In this 20-minute interview, Simon takes us behind the scenes of the headhunting business. He reveals: When & how to use a search firm / How to pick the right one / How to manage them to keep the search on-track / Best practices for negotiating compensation with candidates.

Jun 3, 2016

If you think that creating a healthy culture means buying a ping-pong table, you’ve got to catch this short interview. I interview Anne Nimke, who runs a fascinating company called The Good Jobs. TGJ advises companies on how to create a magnetic culture & environment that will attract & keep outstanding talent. Anne’s seen the mistakes that so many leaders make. This interview will help you avoid them. She reveals: How to articulate your mission & get everyone aligned around it / How transparent to be with your team / Designing an environment that lets people do their best work / Developing healthy communication (even when its bad news) / How the best companies create a culture that people never want to leave. We spend so much time, energy, and money recruiting people. But it’s all for nothing if the best people don’t stay. This video will show you how to make sure they do.

Jun 2, 2016

Wyzant is the leading online marketplace for tutors & students of all ages. They’re venture-funded & growing like a weed. As Director of Talent, Carrie McComb has led the charge in bringing a team of Rockstars to the company. She’s mild-mannered … but highly-competitive. In this 20-minute interview, Carrie reveals her secret formula including: How to spot a Rockstar when you see one / Using short ‘homework’ assignments to assess a candidate / The single-best source of candidates these days / Putting together an employee referral program that actually works.