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Strong Suit is the playbook for recruiting Rockstars. You'll learn how to hire twice as fast. With half the mistakes. No more bad hires. ... Ready! Aim! Hire!
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Mar 30, 2016

Noam Wasserman literally wrote the book on what kills startups (hint: it's not what you think!)  He's the award-winning Professor at Harvard Business School & author of the best-seller "The Founder's Dilemmas."  65% of startups fail due to People Problems (Not product/market fit, customer acquisition, or lack of funding). Yes, people issues are the #1 cause of death. Noam breaks down the research he's done for 10 years, which includes his groundbreaking study of thousands of startups. His insights are remarkable

Mar 28, 2016

Tom Gimbel is founder/CEO of LaSalle Network in Chicago, the 9-time winner of the Inc 5000 award. Tom's built one of the fastest-growing & most-respected recruiting firms in the nation. Today, he reveals how he's built a culture to attract & keep Rockstars

Mar 8, 2016

A very special episode... an intimate conversation with venture capitalist Brad Feld. Few people in our crowded startup world need no introduction. Brad is one of them. Most recently, he was the original VC in Fitbit, which completed an IPO valued at over $4B. Based in Boulder, Brad is also one of the foremost experts on entrepreneur depression. We had a rare opportunity to speak with Brad about S.A.D. Entrepreneur Syndrome (stress, anxiety, depression). In this 20-minute interview, Brad speaks of his own depression, telltale signs he sees in many executives today, & how to cope with the stress of startup life.

Mar 8, 2016

In this quick interview, you’ll discover how to identify & build your Startup’s “Unfair Advantage.”  Troy Henikoff successfully convinced me that most Startups don’t stand a chance without one. Troy is a legend in the Chicago startup community. He started & sold a number of Startups, before becoming a full-time investor. Currently, Troy is both Managing Director of Techstars Chicago (the leading 3-month startup bootcamp) and Managing Director of MATH Venture Partners (the $28M early-stage venture fund). He also teaches entrepreneurship at Kellogg School.

Mar 8, 2016

David Cohen created the Techstars Accelerator. Now he reveals who makes the best entrepreneurs & how to hire Rockstars. Techstars is the leading venture accelerator, with intensive 13-week programs in New York, Boulder, Chicago, Seattle, San Antonio, Boston, and London. Over 600 companies (out of 60,000 applicants!) have graduated, with an incredible track record.

Mar 8, 2016

Following a successful career at Heidrick & Struggles, executive recruiter Matt Schwartz started his own firm & became one of the nation's top headhunters of Chief Marketing Officers. Find out what it takes to hire your rockstar CMO.

Mar 8, 2016

Strong Suit is the playbook for recruiting Rockstars. You'll learn how to hire twice as fast... With half the mistakes... Before paying a headhunter. Chief Talent Officer Jeff Hyman reveals the 8 immutable truths of recruiting.