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Apr 29, 2016

I just had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Michalowicz, top business author of “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” (BusinessWeek calls it a ‘cult classic’). Mike built 2 multi-million dollar startups, sold them, and then lost it all. He’s back with a new startup… not to mention 3 business bestselling books.  In this interview, Mike shares: What toilet paper has to do with Startups / The biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make / How to develop a Profit First mindset at your startup / How entrepreneurs can fight depression & anxiety

Apr 28, 2016

He recruits the unrecruitable…Silicon Valley CTO’s. How do you recruit & keep a Chief Technology Officer, when they receive 5 headhunter calls a day? Mike Morell is one of Silicon Valley’s hottest executive recruiter. He co-founded Riviera Partners, which specializes in recruiting the most elusive talent … Chief Technology Officer, VP Technology, VP Product. These folks are hard to find. But Mike does it every day in the Valley, NYC, and L.A. In this short interview, Mike reveals: What to look for in a Rockstar CTO / Hidden places to find CTO’s these days / Which to prioritize: people skills vs. technical skills / How to know it’s time to make a change / What to do when CEO & Board disagree

Apr 26, 2016

Would you like to hire Rockstars just like an award-winning Startup? Based in Chicago, ContextMedia created the largest national network of ad/content-based video screens in physicians offices. Eric Olson leads the entire customer success organization, which works with customers from the moment they sign on. In this short interview, Eric reveals: the first thing that ContextMedia looks for in candidates / what body language can tell you about a candidate / how much to “sell” (or not) during the recruiting process / how quickly you can tell you’ve made a bad hire.

Apr 21, 2016

The secrets from a Podcasting legend. It took me 4 months, but I finally landed him as a guest for our video blog… You probably know the name John Lee Dumas. John’s following is undeniable:
– A recognized pioneer in podcasting (EOFire: Entrepreneur On Fire)
– Over 1 million unique listens per month
– 1,200 podcasts completed… one every single day for the past 4 years
– Over $500,000 revenue per month just from his podcast business
In today’s exclusive interview, John reveals:
– How podcasting can explode your business
– Why audio podcasts over video
– Building your base of followers step-by-step
– How to break through the clutter of so many podcasts
– What it’s like to work from home, put on a hat, and generate massive income

Apr 20, 2016

I just had the privilege of meeting with Brian Ascher. Brian’s a tenured Partner at Venrock, the legendary venture capital firm. In this interview, you’ll find out: The one key attribute VC’s look for in entrepreneurs (and why it’s so rare) // How to know you’re ready for an outside investor // How a VC sizes you up during your pitch meeting // Factors in building a great relationship with your investor // The connection between depression, stress, and entrepreneurship

Apr 18, 2016

Dan Arkind is CEO & Co-Founder of JobScore, an awesome software platform that matches people & jobs. He's also a former headhunter in the tech field. Through both of these lenses, Dan reveals the biggest recruiting mistakes that people make. And the best way to pick out potential Rockstars during the interview.

Apr 15, 2016

In this bonus episode, acclaimed entrepreneur Rand Fishkin opens up about his battle with depression. Rand founded Moz, the leading company that boosts online visibility for 35,000 businesses. He talks about how he knew something was amiss, what he did, and how entrepreneurs can minimize the impact of depression. It happens.

Apr 14, 2016

VC reveals how Startup CEO’s can hire 10x better. Accomplished VC Niko Bonatsos is Managing Director with General Catalyst Partners, the venture firm with 100 portfolio companies & $3B under management. He’s an expert when it comes to working with first-time entrepreneurs. In this short interview, he shares: Why CEO’s must spend 1/3 of their time on recruiting... How CEO’s who are “Learning Monsters” hire the best... Most common recruiting mistakes made by CEO’s... What to do when CEO & VC disagree about a candidate

Apr 11, 2016

In this episode, we interview the co-leaders of LeadPages, the smoking-hot company that's raised $38M in venture capital. Clay Collins (CEO) & Tracy Simmons (CSO) work together to run this booming company, and now they reveal how they do it.

Apr 7, 2016

In this episode, legendary tech executive recruiter Charley Polachi reveals... how to identify Rockstar candidates; the most important interview questions to ask; how to avoid the most-common recruiting mistakes; and more.