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Aug 30, 2016

Amy Frink created Victory Search Group more than dozen years ago and has recruited more CFO’s than anyone I’ve ever met. In this 20-minute interview, Amy reveals: the most unique aspects of hiring a CFO / how to create the perfect relationship between CFO & CEO / the perfect interview questions to ask your Finance candidates / when is the right time to share your company’s numbers with candidates.

Aug 25, 2016
Barry Asin is President of Staffing Industry Analysts, the leading consulting & publishing firm that tracks the talent industry. In this 20-minute interview, Barry reveals the major trends that are taking place in Talent. You need to know this stuff. Also, we dig into the “Gig Economy” & what it means for your company. Are we all going to contractors, just like Uber drivers? Find out how to prepare for the coming changes.
Aug 23, 2016

Stacie Blair is a pioneer in the recruiting field. 20 years ago, she created The Pacific Firm based in San Francisco. They recruit for companies of all types of roles in all sectors. With a specialty in VC & PE funded startups. And Pacific has a very unique business model. In this 20-minute interview, Stacie reveals the secrets: the problems with contingency & retained recruiting models / how to find a rockstar / how to keep a rockstar / how to avoid the mistakes that most recruiters make.

Aug 17, 2016

She knows the secrets! Because Cynthia Karr was one of Silicon Valley’s top headhunters before coming a leading career coach. She recruited a ton of top Finance executives for rocketship startups; now, she works with up & coming rockstars to advance their own careers. In this 20-minute interview, Cynthia reveals: how to keep your career moving / what employers truly look for / how to make sure people know you’re a Rockstar / and more.

Aug 16, 2016

Trisha Degg is Director of Talent Programs for Illinois Technology Association (ITA), the organization that helps great tech companies scale. Trisha helps ITA’s 500 member companies navigate the talent pool to find the best of the best. She’s got 10 years of corporate recruiting, campus recruitment, and HR experience. In this 20-minute interview, Trisha reveals how to get your early-stage company on the map without spending a fortune / how to compete with Google & Facebook for rockstar talent / how to easily setup an on-campus recruiting program.

Aug 12, 2016

I’m beyond thrilled to spend a few minutes with Jim Jonassen, Founder of JJA Venture Search. Jim has executed over 700 Chief & VP search assignments, having built out the leadership teams at companies like HireRight, FastPay, and Cornerstone OnDemand. He’e started 5 successful executive search firms since 1983, and he’s passionate about recruiting for fast-growth startups. Jim brings a rare blend of experience, having also founded & built 2 successful software companies. In this 20-minute interview, Jim reveals the biggest mistakes that startups make when hiring and how to avoid them / what makes a startup Rockstar / and where to find them.

Aug 9, 2016

Recruiting rockstar IT & Software Developers to your company can seem impossible these days... But it’s not. While we're essentially at zero unemployment for this profession, you can attract them. You just need to know how. Ryan Pollock is Partner with Objective Paradigm, a leading recruitment firm specializing in IT rockstars which he started nearly 20 years ago. The firm has done thousands of searches for this rare talent, and in this 20-minute interview, Ryan reveals precisely how it’s done. If you’re hiring tech folks, you can’t afford to miss this one.

Aug 4, 2016

Kristy Nittskoff is the guru of candidate communications. She runs the firm Talent Savvy. How do you engage Rockstars? They’re currently employed & happy. But you want them to take a look at your opportunity. So, how do you get them to pay attention? Kristy is the expert in employment branding and in this 20-minute interview, she shows how its done. How to breathe life into your current recruiting practices & how to engage Rockstars? She reveals: the biggest mistakes that employers make / how to fix a broken interview process / how to build an employer brand with no budget / what you need to know about Glassdoor.

Aug 2, 2016

Gautam Gupta is Co-Founder & CEO of NatureBox, which he's built from scratch to 100 employees. It’s now one of fastest-growing food brands in the US. Gautam lost 70 pounds as a teenager and wanted to create healthier snacks & deliver them offline and online. Earlier, he was a successful VC at General Catalyst Partners, the $3B venture capital firm. In this 20-minute interview, Gautam reveals: the talent mistakes he’s made / when it’s time to upgrade an employee  / how to part ways with underperformers / his talent secrets.